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Important Articles Related to Dogs

The Looming Concern About Copper in Dog Food
Concerns about copper overload in processed dog food.  Harper & Friends blog has information regarding these concerns and is updated regularly. You can also subscribe to Cornell's Dog Watch Newsletter for up to date information on their studies regarding this issue.  This YouTube video is also very informative.  Before making any drastic diet changes, be sure to check with your veterinarian.  

Canine Herpes Virus 
CHV is a serious and often fatal virus in puppies.   View this article from Pets WebMD 

Dog ownership may improve outcomes, reduce mortality risk after CV events 
Healio Cardiology Today/Glenn N. Levine 
Important information available here.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Heartworm  
Heartworms In Dogs / By Julia Henriques 
Critical Information available here.

 15 Tips To Improve Your Dog’s Diet Today  
Nutrition And Diet / By Phivo Christodoulou 
Diet is important.  Click here for great tips.



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